Our Team

Do more than watch is not just our catchphrase
We are activist media makers, organizers, journalists, and technologists
fighting for social, cultural, economic, and political justice.

Harry Waisbren

Co-Founder & CEO

Harry is a digital video pioneer pushing the envelope of progressive politics and social media as television transitions to the Internet. His innovative outlook has been shaped through the social movements he has had the privilege of participating in from the Trump Resistance, Bernie Sanders 2016, Ready for Warren, Occupy Wall Street and more. Harry believes another world is possible -- but we need a better media to make it!

Bob Fertik


Bob Fertik co-founded Democrats.com in 2000 as the first online community of progressive Democratic activists, now over 4 million strong. This movement led the resistance to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney starting with protests demanding a statewide Florida recount in 2000. His movement also organized the first protest against the invasion of Iraq at the United Nations on September 12, 2002, and led the impeachment movement in 2005 after the Downing Street Memos proved the invasion was based on Bush's deliberate lies. In 2012, Bob co-founded act.tv as the first progressive video network on Facebook. Now act.tv livestreams Trump Resistance protests all across the country. In 2016, with the help of a committed team, Bob co-founded #VOTEPROCHOICE to elect pro-choice Democratic candidates at all levels.

Brad I Gans

Creative Technical Director

Brad knows the power of a story. That is why he is unrelenting in his pursuit to move people through story, media, and technology. In his current role at act.tv, he helps to paint the story of activists. His day-to-day role as creative director includes overseeing production of multimedia for act.tv's social channels and technical direction of our state-of-the-art livestream system. Brad's background is in researching social policy. He received his Master's Degree from the University of Manchester in England. While living in England, he worked with field researchers and municipalities to understand the impact of illicit drug use on society. Upon returning to the States, he supervised a therapeutic home for foster children. After working on the frontlines of some of society's most pressing issues, he decided to return to his roots in multimedia. He opened up a boutique advertising technology agency that serviced some of the world's biggest brands. While that was fun, it wasn't rewarding. In his spare time he visited Bloombergville and Zucotti Park to be a part of the grassroots movements helping to shape our world. That experience led him to act.tv, because he knows another world is possible

Sandi Behrns

Executive Editor

A writer and digital content creator since 2001, Sandi has worked in both the wonky world of public policy and the punditry of online media. This background, blended with her own innate sense of snark, has formed the recognizable voice of act.tv. Sandi oversees our team of writers, producers, and video editors and is responsible for act.tv's in-house video production. She sets the editorial tone of all our content and ensures act.tv maintains high standards for truth, accuracy, and ethical reporting. Sandi truly believes that an educated public is the key to achieving the change we seek and commits every day to helping that happen.

Sabrina Williams

Washington Director

Sabrina holds a JD/MBA from DePaul College of Law. With over a decade of legal and business experience, she provides contract negotiation; risk identification, assessment, and mitigation support; and team management to act.tv. As a lifelong activist, act.tv has been an optimal setting for her to expand her skill set into media operations and field reporting. Sabrina has interviewed notable figures such as former Congresswoman Donna Edwards, former NAACP Director Ben Jealous, and actor Danny Glover.

Kelli Daley

Digital Director

Kelli is a writer, activist and media maker living in Brooklyn. Occupy Wall Street changed her life, and helping others discover their own power is her favorite thing.

Charles Lencner

VP of Special Projects

Charles Lenchner, in addition to his work with act.tv, works with Democrats.com. He is a founder of Ready for Warren and People for Bernie, spent time in Zuccotti Park as an Occupier, was digital director in the past for the Working Families Party and Zephyr Teachout campaign for Governor.