Sandy Survivors and supporters 'Occupy Christie' at Camp Sandygate in lead up to his inauguration

Jan 22, 2014

by: Harry Waisbren

Our mainstream media has been awash in coverage of Governor Chris Christie’s ‘Bridgegate’ scandal. But are they reaching the broader implications?

The closing of the GW Bridge is most powerful for how it is emblematic of the kind of power-mad cretins that make it to the top of the Republican party. This picture has become that much clearer through ‘Sandygate’, referring to how the hurricane recovery had been marred by inequalities in the distribution of relief aid amidst various other insidious indiscretions.

It was in this context that I headed to Trenton, NJ for Governor Christie’s inauguration, which also constituted the penultimate day of an effort from Occupy Sandy NJ to ‘Occupy Christie’ by way of a temporary occupation they aptly named Camp Sandygate. While there I focused my attention on getting Sandy Survivors and Occupy Sandy organizers on camera describing why they are so enraged about the scandal, hearing back from many about how badly needed added relief still is to this day.

Check out our Sandy Survivors campaign page for the dozen or so new videos we have in this vein:

These new submissions include occupier Captain Ray Lewis saying Christie belongs behind bars, InterOccupy activist Nate Kleinman making a passionate plea to the media to "tell the real story", an Occupy Sandy organizer explaining how many locals have been 'left to fend for themselves', a Sandy Survivor recounting how her family lost everything, and more good stuff exposing Christie's flagrant corruption in general.

A main goal we have here at is to further intertwine activism and video, so we paired each of these videos with a call to action to sign on to the PCCC's petition to hold Governor Christie accountable as an extra step for folks to take. We've also been employing the NJ Working Families Alliance MoveOn petition similarly in this vein for a lot of our Bridgegate campaign videos as well.

On the whole what strikes me the most is how committed and passionate this group was. If you're in the NY / NJ area you'll know that we were hit with quite the severe snowstorm, so it took some real fortitude to bear the elements, especially for those who slept outside at the occupation the last 3 nights.

Here's to such dedication compelling Chris Christie to pay some manner of comeuppance! Hopefully it can come in a manner that will help prevent this kind of travesty from occurring the next time a climate disaster hits too.

Image via @OccupyWallStNYC's @DocR0cket