Introducing the #DearElizabethWarren video campaign

The political world is quaking in the wake of a rapidly accelerating movement to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for president. The activist base is daring to dream that a contested primary with a powerful advocate for all of us ...

The debate is over: deniers of climate change must be defeated

We realized shortly after the 400,000+ person strong People’s Climate March that the vast energy to save the world by building a 21st century renewable energy economy wasn’t being clearly translated into the world of electoral politics.

After the People’s Climate March the movement moves forward

Despite a political reality so warped by Koch brothers’ money that maintaining the status quo seems about the best we can hope for, over 400,000 people from all walks of life and from around the world turned out for the People’s Climate March last week. This unprecedented public call for action on climate change dwarfed organizers’ hopes for the “largest climate march in history,” making it one of the one of the largest protest rallies of any kind in U.S. history.

Wake up the world with

The People's Climate March hits New York City and hundreds of locations across the globe in 48 hours. Activists and organizers have labored for months to make this -- not just the biggest climate march in history -- but the wake-up call the world's been waiting for. has been acting in kind, and we couldn’t be more proud to present:

Video campaign for the Peoples Climate March

The People’s Climate March is bound to be the biggest climate march ever. Activists and organizers are justifiably brimming with energy to make history, and the march gives us the opportunity to harness the grassroots to stop climate change across ...