Vigil Against Kavanaugh Nomination More Informative Than 4 Hours of Cable News

Sep 05, 2018

Senate confirmation hearings are underway in Washington DC for Brett Kavanaugh to join the United States Supreme Court. Protests have been happening in and around the Senate hearing room, and today at the Hart Senate Office Building, was a vigil. Termed the #StopKavanaugh Vigil, participants cited solid grounds for concern over Kavanaugh's positions on women's rights, worker's rights, environmental policy, voting rights, gun control, money in politics and more. was live on the scene streaming the event in it's entirety. Meanwhile, hours of programming on MSNBC (Lawrence O'Donnell, The 11th Hour Brian Williams) and CNN (Cuomo)  last night were spent focused on the fact that Kavanaugh would not shake the hand of the father of a Parkland high-school shooting victim who was inside the confirmation hearing room yesterday.

While Kavanaugh's action certainly goes to show his character, and lack there of, perhaps the news networks could have made the quick pivot from that event to showcasing at least one of Kavanaugh's policy positions. His extreme beliefs on gun control that are out of step with the mainstream and straight out of the gun lobby's playbook would seem like a natural follow up to the handshake denial. Or maybe the networks could have had experts on to inform the American public of the danger of Kavanaugh's positions on any number of the many topics mentioned above. The insidious substance-free coverage offered by cable news provides ample opportunity for self-righteous indignation and very little information.

Watch's live coverage, which brings you the voices of concerned and informed citizens, in their own words, unmediated by the corporate media machine here:




Julianna Forlano is a columnist and correspondent for covering politics and protest movements. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.