The Onion republishes mass shooting article for fifth time in three years
Oct 02, 2017

Most people woke up on Monday to the news that a mass shooting had taken place in Las Vegas while they slept. Sadly, such early morning discoveries on the news and across social media have become a far too common occurrence. 

And as it has many times before, the predictable dance took place as politicians tweeted out their "thoughts and prayers," while pundits sharpened their knives in anticipation of the next installment of debating when it will be the right time to have a gun legislation debate.

Lost amid the predictable repetition that happens for many of the wrong reasons, was a lone voice of sanity with a familiar message for all the right reasons.

Satirical publication "the Onion," reprinted “‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens” for the fifth time. Originally published in 2014, the Onion continues to republish the same article, changing only the photo, name of the city, and number of people killed.