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About Us is the place to watch inspiring progressive videos and take action to build a better world.

Welcome! is an online video network to help progressive activists #ResistTrump and fight for a political revolution. We specialize in the rapidly growing world of Facebook video. Our livestreams and standalone videos are designed to absorb the audience into the efforts they are watching, as well as to act as resources you can share to activate your friends and family. Come like our Facebook page to check us out!

We believe that Trump’s victory makes it official: Traditional media has been disrupted. It’s not theoretical any more it’s here. And we must innovate our way out of crisis. That is why we set up the team to embed ourselves in social movements so that we can create compelling content covering the most important issues and activism. Our approach has been honed through taking part in and covering Occupy Wall Street, Ready for Warren, the Bernie Sanders campaign, the Trump resistance movement, and more. This experience taught us that all-volunteer teams of activists can accomplish world-changing feats, but as the internet increasingly takes over television, progressives have to up our game by creating better and better videos telling our stories.

Towards these ends, Facebook video is quickly becoming an absolutely vital tool for organizers. It can both attain the attention of would-be allies as well as coordinate committed activists. But to achieve the lofty goals we dare to dream we are going to need a next generation kind of community. Join us on our journey to build the better world we know is possible!

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