About Us

act.tv is the place to watch inspiring progressive videos and take action to build a better world.

As we say: if you want to ‘do more than watch’, act.tv is for you! Across the board, act.tv is our adventure to further intertwine great videos with great activism. We care more about what you do after watching than how many people watch, and we’re further designing act.tv to act as a hub for mobilizing supporters.

Every single day, we see progressives across the USA making more and more great videos. Some work in studios or offices. Some go out into the streets and film on their phones. Some create amazing remixes or record on their webcams at home. But only a precious few of these videos go viral, and even then going viral is not nearly enough to win on its own. This is why our videos are curated by activists, for activists, with the goal of making an impact chiefly in mind. As ‘act tv’ implies, we’re striving to take the otherwise passive viewing experience and flip it on its head! Do you want more from your media? If so, please join us on our journey to turn videos into even better tools for holding politicians accountable, amplifying the best arguments on important issues, and inspiring action that can build progressive power. A better world is possible, but we believe it will take a better media to get there. Stay tuned!